A Word about Insurance

Insurance plans are an intrinsic part of any dental practice.  While insurance may cover the full cost of your treatment, it is much more likely that only a portion of the cost of your treatment will be covered as a dental insurance benefit.

We have the ability to file insurance claims with virtually all dental insurance companies and we are happy to file insurance claims on your behalf. We generally reduce your out of pocket expense by the amount we expect your insurance benefit to be for the treatment provided. Our fee for the remainder of treatment costs is then presented to you.

In the majority of cases we have no relationship with your insurance company and they have no authority to set the fees for the procedures provided in our office.  Often insurance companies will suggest a fee for a procedure that does not match our fee.  These are known in insurance jargon as “usual, customary, and/or reasonable” fees or “allowed” fees. One should understand that insurance companies underwrite policies based on assumptions which may not be applicable to the details and the scope of care we provide.  Consequently, the fees we set may be lower or higher than your insurance company allows. If there are questions about the insurance coverage provided in your particular case we encourage our patients to work with our knowledgeable staff to maximize your insurance benefit.

Payment Information

We make every attempt to make our services affordable to our patients and our office will be happy to make arrangements with you to help find solutions to pay for your care.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Our staff is available to consult with you to predetermine or plan the best use of your insurance benefits.

Practice Facts:

Did you know that we routinely file claims electronically with most dental insurance companies to facilitate use of your benefits?