Do Veneers Improve How Your Teeth Function?

Dental veneers are a popular option for those who want to improve their smiles. While this is normally seen as a cosmetic procedure, veneers can also improve the function of the teeth. Take a closer look at what you can expect if you get this dental treatment.

Gaps in the teeth

Many people choose to get veneers because they have gaps in their teeth. On the surface, gaps are simply aesthetically displeasing, but gaps also cause serious issues with the function of the teeth.

Functional problems with gaps

When teeth have gaps, it is easy for bacteria and plaque to gather along the gumline. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease inhibits the function of the teeth. The disease can make it difficult to eat, and often leads to tooth loss.

Also, gaps make it difficult to chew and put stress on the jawline. These issues can be fixed with the help of dental veneers.

Worn down teeth

Dental veneers are also used to treat worn down front teeth. Front teeth can wear down due to grinding and dental erosion. When this occurs, people have to worry about more than their smiles.

Functional problems with worn down teeth

Worn down teeth can make it difficult to eat. More importantly, too much wear can expose the dentin. This can lead to serious structural problems and tooth decay. Veneers protect teeth from these issues.

Enamel erosion or abrasion

People who consume highly acidic beverages and foods, brush their teeth too hard or have acid reflux can end up with enamel erosion or abrasion. Once the teeth enamel is gone, it cannot grow back. Many people choose to get dental veneers to correct the problem. The veneers go on top of the tooth, essentially replacing the enamel.

Functional problems with enamel erosion and abrasion

Enamel protects the teeth, and when it wears away, problems can occur. First, tooth sensitivity is a serious issue. This makes it difficult to eat and drink, and can even make tooth brushing a real pain.

Enamel erosion can also cause tooth decay and even result in tooth loss. This problem can seriously impact the function of the teeth.

Weak teeth

Veneers can also strengthen weak teeth. Weak teeth are prone to chipping and make it difficult to enjoy foods. People who have weak teeth are often afraid to bite into something because it could cause a chip.

By strengthening the weak teeth with veneers, people can avoid chipping their teeth. That makes it much easier to eat.

Veneers are not just a cosmetic issue

Veneers improve the function of the teeth by fixing gaps, worn down teeth and teeth with enamel erosion or abrasion. Dental veneers also strengthen teeth. While many people think this procedure is strictly cosmetic, it is clear that it has so much more to offer. If you have issues that you think veneers can fix, contact a dentist and get help with your smile and the function of your teeth.

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